Mosaic Art by Ingrid Pisano

Artist Statement

Ingrid Pisano


My experience in painting and life drawing allow me to capture an authentic likeness of my subjects in mosaic form. The unique qualities of mosaic design render portraits that are at once contemporary and historically allusive. After several years of working in mosaic I find myself drawn to two traditions in mosaic design: that of ancient Byzantium, and of Art Deco design. While my prior work tended toward the abstract, my most recent work represents a return to the figurative. I find the elemental nature of the process and its materials inspiring as I recreate the warmth, sparkle and solidity of figures. I prefer strong, simple color schemes and I use mirrored, glittering surfaces to lend my pieces a sense of movement. The nature of my work is both graphic and transcendent; the economy of the forms is intentional and allows the materials and sitters to reveal their essential qualities and character.

Animated color wheel by Ingrid Pisano

the color wheel

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